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Work Plan

The Traveλeys projects runs from May 2018 to May 2020 and it is organized in 6 work packages.

Work Package 1: Formation of the Image and Metadata Databases

Duration: M0-M6


  • Gather, evaluate and annotate the images for the different food and herbs categories

  • Create the image and metadata databases



​  D1.1: Report on the context of the formed databases

  D1.2: The databases


Work Package 2: Algorithmic Implementation Using Intelligent Systems



  • Survey, choice and implementation of the CNN(s) to be deployed in the application(s)

  • Training of the chosen CNNs, on the formed databases, using deep-learning frameworks and/or server farms and/or cloud computing facilities so as to achieve the desirable recognition accuracy

  • Simplification of the algorithm to make it compatible with resource-restricted embedded systems



​  D2.1: Report on the implementation of the algorithm using intelligent systems

Work Package 3: Prototype Implementation on Embedded System Level



  • Survey of the available methods for CNN arithmetic and architectural simplifications, in order to achieve a balance between the model's complexity and its recognition accuracy 

  • Review of the available frameworks/environments for CNN integration on mobile applications for both Android and iOS (dominant mobile operating systems)

  • Development of the application's core-computational parts on the chosen mobile devices for both Android and iOS, using heterogeneous programming techniques


​  D3.1: Report on the application prototype implementation for embedded systems

Work Package 4: Application Development for Android/iOS Devices

Duration: M18-M24


  • Development of the final app for both Android and iOS, using the simplified CNN models and the computational core, designed in WP3.

  • UI will offer the capability to use the mobile device camera to capture an image and return the recognized context  



​  D4.1: Report on the development of the final apps for mobile devices

  D4.2: The apps installation files  

Work Package 5: Project Managements

Duration: M0-M24


  • Overview of timetables regarding the project's WP objectives, deliverables, financials and risk management



​  D5.1: First semester progress report

  D5.2: Second semester progress report 

  D5.3: Third semester progress report (M18)

Work Package 6: Dissemination

Duration: M0-M24


  • Dissemination acts regarding the project's exposure on research/academic level (scientific publications), business level (workshops, exhibitions)

  • Commercial exploitation plans including survey on the Greek and European markets, patent  registration based on the developed techniques and services


​  D6.1: Project's website

  D6.2: Dissemination report

  D6.3: Commercial exploitation report

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